Management of quality

We established a dynamic quality system, which is in line with a logic of continuous improvement constantly listening to the requests from our sales partners and in line with the evolution of regulation.


It is built according to the ISO 9001 standards and it is integrated into a strict HACCP process, which enables us to master the food safety risks.


The FCA (Feed Chain Alliance) and RCNA (Animal standard certification) certifications go along with this quality approach. It is made by an accredited organism (PROMAG) which brings the proof that DIFAGRI respects the requirements of these standards.



Oqualim control plan

In order to ensure the best food safety, DIFAGRI also decided to participate in the Oqualim plan of “Autocontrol supplements”. It is a collective auto control plan for the producers of animal feed supplements whose goal is to improve the level of quality surveillance for raw materials and additives.




« Organic Agriculture » certification

Moreover, DIFAGRI is certified by the organism BUREAU VERITAS CERTIFICATIONS for the supply of animal feed that can be used in ORGANIC AGRICULTURE.


 Our certifications...