Because your animals' lifecycle
determines the success of your farm

We offer you a customised solution
for each phase of your animal's life

Your animals respond differently depending on their age, characteristics, nutrition, deficiencies, etc. That’s why we’ve developed a wide range of products and many complementary services to meet your rearing needs.

For healthy growth

For optimal production

To maintain good health

Services devoted to the success of your farm

A passionate, committed professional team at your side to help you go further. Your challenges are central to what we do. That’s why we take the time to analyse and understand them to help you meet your long-term goals. 

Animal nutrition formulator:

Because our company stays connected to its customers’ needs, and as a response to global feed challenges, we offer a unique, innovative formulation according to your specifications.

Milk/forage analysis:

Farms need to have the macro-nutrients and trace elements analysed in the milk and forage. This provides the foundation for the action plan our technical-sales teams build to drive your performance, while considering your animals’ excesses and deficiencies.

Farm audits:

Difagri offers farm audits to respond to your challenges and production goals.

Regulatory framework:

Regulations are strict in the feed sector, just as they are for human foods. Many parameters and constraints require continual updates by our formulators.

On-the-ground support:

Our Technical-Sales teams provide advice and methodology to ensure breeders make the best decisions. These teams receive regular training and are in the field daily to offer you customised support.


In addition to sales support, we offer communication services devoted to your brand with printed and digital media. Our strategy remains a part of our “win-win” philosophy.

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