Animal nutrition

A proper diet can sufficiently meet your animals’ nutritional needs. However, in certain situations, dietary supplements are crucial to their well-being, performance and the farm’s profitability.

We develop a wide range of products to meet your nutritional goals throughout your animals’ cycles such as growth, fattening, lactation, etc. Our products target a full range of species and come in a variety of forms.


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For healthy

The first weeks of an animal’s life are crucial and will determine how they develop on the farm.

For optimal

Combining productivity and animal well-being is key ensuring profitable livestock rearing.

To maintain
good health

Animals respond differently depending on their physiological cycle, their environment, their nutrition, etc. That’s why we offer a wide range of nutritional solutions.

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animal feed

Absorption into a carrier a unique fabrication process developed for zootechnical purposes

Preservation of nutrient benefits

This process absorbs aqueous and oily liquids into plant or mineral carriers, all while preserving the benefits of liquid nutrients.

Daily convenience

It offers you the singularity and convenience you seek daily thanks to our technological solutions and zootechnical innovations.

Offer of semi-finished products

These semi-finished products are designed for incorporation into your prepared animal feeds to meet energy needs (propylene glycol, glycerol), and to provide acidifying agents (calcium chloride, magnesium chloride) or specific fatty acids (flaxseed oil, cod liver oil).

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