Three distinct production lines offer a wide range of products destined essentially for ruminants, pigs and poultry.


  • A production unit for powders and pellets
    Packaging in buckets of 2 - 20kg, bags of 10-25 kgs and big-bags
  • A production unit for liquids
    Packaging in bottles of 250 ml and 1 litre, cans of 5-10 and 20 litres, barrels of 60-200-500 and 1000 litres
  • A production unit for the absorption of liquids (oily or aqueous) on carrier (mineral or vegetable)
    Packaging in bags of 15-25 kg and big bags


Personalized labels and identification with bar codes are included in our offer.

Globally, more than 6 000 tons of nutritional specialties are produced each year.



Note our strong involvement in CSR (Corportate Social Responsibility), which was reflected in particular in 2014 with a new eco-packaging, OCTOFOLD of 500 liters