Social Project


Establishment since 2013 of a customized project related to the areas of disability and inclusion.


DIFAGRI Social project….HOW ?

  • Committing ourselves into an environmental-ethical solidarity (RECYGO operation)
  • Working with some providers of the adapted and/or protected environment 
  • Incorporating in the company people with professional difficulties or linked with a conversion/training
  • žStrengthen our CSR (Company Social Responsibility) through corporate philanthropy 
  • Promote internally health, safety, well-being at work



  • Adapted company - LES ATELIERS DU  PLANTY-La Guyonnière(85)
  • GES - RÉEL- Boufféré (85)
  • ESAT - La Guyonnière (85)



DIFAGRI Social project…WHY ?

  • Simply to make sense…
  • Feed an internal corporate culture with human values
  • Break the taboos and unsaid things linked to disabilities and professional inclusion
  • Prove that the ordinary environment of the company and the adapted environment can build something together and not only on their own



 DIFAGRI participation to the Maratéléthon of animal nutrition in December 2015 for the challenge Corlay-Combronde "Etape relais Montaigu-les Brouzils"